Postcard #11: I Used to Work in Chicago

We sit in the Darth Vader, crumpling the remnants of our meal into a ball that we toss in the back, and watch the stars climb out of the darkness, twinkling in delight at their newfound freedom. For a while we let silence divide us, and we lose ourselves into thoughts and dreams entirely ofContinue reading “Postcard #11: I Used to Work in Chicago”

Postcard #10: The Return of the Irish

“Take a left-” Kathump!” Preferably not over the trash can. Or the drunk college student. Vehicular manslaughter will not do well on your record.” After hurdling over a few bumps in the road, I finally manage to get them to turn into a drive thru. ” What do you want? It’s on me of course.”Continue reading “Postcard #10: The Return of the Irish”

Postcard #9: The Forgotten Tribe

I am stuffed, thoroughly and irrevocably stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving morning. My plate is not quite empty, however, and I pick up the spoon and scoop the last chunks of the applesauce. Because no matter what the applesauce cannot remain untouched. I look at myself who has slumped all the way back, theirContinue reading “Postcard #9: The Forgotten Tribe”

Postcard #7 Hot Dam, Welcome to Amsterdam

I don’t think I slept for twenty four hours; the excitement bubbled inside me, refusing to simmer and and eventually dissolve until the plane had landed and I had found her. As usual, I found myself rushing to the gate because I apparently enjoy a challenge and the thrill of nearly missing a flight. Fortunately,Continue reading “Postcard #7 Hot Dam, Welcome to Amsterdam”