Post Office

Welcome to the Post Office!

Here you will find stories from my travels near and far that I wish to share. Perhaps there is something you can learn from them, or perhaps this is a waste of time because everything I say you already know. Regardless, I believe everyone has a story to tell and to tell through eyes that do not see the same as their neighbor. Warning: I do like to write in a fictitious style that is layered in truth. Which part is the truth and which part is fabricated will be for you to decide.

Latest from the Blog

Blank Postcard #14

I sit at the table, staring blankly at the glass of water while my finger spun the straw, making circles ripple and swirl, a miniature whirlpool trapped. Voices buzz around me, but I do not hear them. My dreams ripple and swirl, ripple and swirl, a colorful whirlpool matching the one in front of me.Continue reading “Blank Postcard #14”

Blank Postcard #13

The young woman with the most beautiful, enchanting name in the world opened her mouth to sing along with the one man band standing on the edge of the sidewalk. Her voice struggled to be heard, to find an even rhythm, but steadily, gradually, it shined brighter than a star. I could hear her story,Continue reading “Blank Postcard #13”

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