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Welcome to the Post Office!

Here you will find stories from my travels near and far that I wish to share. Perhaps there is something you can learn from them, or perhaps this is a waste of time because everything I say you already know. Regardless, I believe everyone has a story to tell and to tell through eyes that do not see the same as their neighbor. Warning: I do like to write in a fictitious style that is layered in truth. Which part is the truth and which part is fabricated will be for you to decide.

Latest from the Blog

Blank Postcard #18

Frustration boils. I’ve hit a wall. The bag of postcards I carry fall onto the ground, and the strap comes lose, letting my stories fly, fly, fly away, encaged birds finally free. How many times must I start over? How many times must I try to describe the same thing, and each time my wordsContinue reading “Blank Postcard #18”

Blank Postcard #17

I see the kid in the red pullover jacket sitting alone at a table, with nothing but a water bottle covered in a motley array of stickers and a journal. Their head is bowed, and they scribble furious, ripping pages here and there in frustration. One such paper flies my way, the wind carrying itContinue reading “Blank Postcard #17”

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