Post Office

Welcome to the Post Office!

Here you will find stories from my travels near and far that I wish to share. Perhaps there is something you can learn from them, or perhaps this is a waste of time because everything I say you already know. Regardless, I believe everyone has a story to tell and to tell through eyes that do not see the same as their neighbor. Warning: I do like to write in a fictitious style that is layered in truth. Which part is the truth and which part is fabricated will be for you to decide.

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Blank Postcard #12

They come to me in my sleep. Dreams. A dizzying sort, the kind in which up is down, down is up, fragments of reality scattered in between the abstract fuzziness. At the bottom of it all is a nagging fear. They will leave me soon. I am coming to the end of the line, toContinue reading “Blank Postcard #12”

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